Time for Reflection

Kirstie Parker

The most regularly asked question about my reflection stuff  (and probably the vast majority of new ideas in education!) is ….

“How do you have time?”

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 15.23.31

One answer is that you probably do a ton of reflection already. Assessment for learning in all it’s different forms encourages students to think about where they are in their understanding. When you ask your kids “what stuck with you today?” or “what was your muddiest point?” NEWS ALERT: THAT IS REFLECTION.

It turns out the actual questions people want answers to are: “how do you have time to reflect on their emotions?” or “how do you have time to get the kids to record good quality reflections?”

Reflecting on emotions/mindset

This definitely doesn’t mean delving into their life problems… but getting your kids to confront how they feel about the subject (and how they want to feel!) can be incredibly powerful.

I don’t…

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